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ALL About Makeup Brushes!

YES! It’s finally here. This is my most requested post and it’s been in the making for a very long time, because I’ve wanted it to be perfect by sharing the most and best knowledge possible. First ofall I want everyone to know 4 things:
1) A good makeup application cannot be done without makeup brushes. Period.
2) Invest in good quality brushes rather than good quality makeup. Why? Because good quality brushes can make any makeup go on well and look good.
3) Makeup brushes can be used as wished. If it says it’s meant for the eyes, it can be used for foundation. It’s all about what feels the best for you. I’m currently using a lip brush as my eyeliner brush.
4) Good brushes are indeed investments that are gradually bought and will last a lifetime when properly taken care of. I have been building my collection for several years. No-one is expecting you to walk into MAC and purchase 5 different brushes retailing at 60€ a pop.